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Petrikov Forestry Department

When you walk into the forest - sweet and cool,les
sun spots and Amid strict silence.
Meet your chest so happy, so eager
breath of wet grass and pine aroma.
Hail, refuge of freedom and peace,
the country's modest native forest!
You are full of freshness, and Everything in you is alive,
And how many mysteries and wonders of you!

Forest - our greatest natural resource, environmental security deposit, the priority component of the national economy and the foundation of economic stability.

GLHU "Petrikov Forestry", one of the largest forestry enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, located in the Petrikov district and covers an area of ​​124,638 hectares, is covered by forest 108 954 hectares.
The main aim of GLHU "Petrikov Forestry" is the preservation and creation on the territory allotted to him highly, high-quality, biologically stable, optimal species and age composition of forests and fauna, meet high environmental, social and economic needs of society and state.
The main objective of forestry is highly professional, high-qualityorganization of forest management aimed at achieving the main objectives of the Institution.